The mission of Planting Stick Project is to sow seeds of good cause for the benefit of future generations through supporting indigenous Wisdom holders and their activities.

Since 1998 we have supported and worked with many Native Spiritual Elders. Elders of many tribes have called out to us and we have gratefully been able to support them through four program areas: Gathering of Elders, Caretaking, Sacred Teachings, Sanctuary Sites. In these relationships we have accomplished great strides in saving both traditional knowledge and Wisdom and vulnerable heritage seeds for the children of future generations.

World conditions inspire us to be more grateful than ever for our Elders and their understandings. They are Wisdom carriers who are getting older and passing away. Indeed, several of our Elders have crossed over in the last few years. Memories of their compassion and joy and the teachings they shared remain and continue to sustain many.

We treasure the Elders who are still with us, and today, have also turned our focus to young people, especially those who are interested in growing food crops and saving seeds. Through our Sacred Teachings program we gather young people to be with our Elders at outdoor gatherings we call Seed Camp. When we make a request of an Elder to be with us at a Seed Camp, we ask, “Considering all that you know and have experienced, all that you hold, what would you leave for the people of the future? What would you say to those people of the future if they were sitting at your feet?”

The ancient wisdom and knowledge indigenous to this hemisphere is an endangered resource. This spiritual knowledge is relevant today and holds keys to our common survival. Elders have reminded us that we must come back to a sacred path if we are to survive. We see how important it is for the young people of the next generations to have access to both the sacred seeds and the Wisdom of the Elders, that they may become seed holders, Wisdom carriers for future generations.

It is not a goal of Seed Camps for people to become Indian. People are yearning for an authentic life. People are crying, show us a path to walk that there might be peace.

We  have come to count Corn Mother herself as an Indigenous Wisdom holder. Elder Carl Barnes, Cherokee corn farmer, said, “The seed remembers.”  We believe that the Elders and Corn Mother can help us find our way.

May the benefit of our activities ripple out to the land and people all over the beautiful Mother Earth and out into the starry worlds.

From one seed, many!

When many people give what they can, great things can happen. From one seed, many!  

Thanks to your kind help may the seeds of Peace planted by our activities grow into a world of Beauty. 

May these projects alleviate suffering and bring about the peace we all hold so dear.

Planting Stick Project is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization; your donations are appreciated and will be acknowledged.